Our vineyards are located in the soft hills between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains on slopes facing the southwest, at an altitude of 220m above sea level. Even in summer they are aerated by cool winds. We allow grass and wild flowers to grow between the rows to create a habitat for useful animals. The unique micro climate guarantees a superior quality of the grapes.

The surface of the soil is characterized by clay and lime. Lower levels are predominantly sand and shell limestone. Where it is necessary we use organic fertiliser and sow green manures. Weed control is done mechanically without the use of herbicides. To protect the vines against plant diseases we use well-proven products of the ecological winegrowing. With biodynamic preparations and teas we improve the health of the vines and the soil.

Primarily cultivated at Serra San Martino is the autoctonal Montepulciano. In addition we grow Merlot, Syrah and a small number of Sagrantino vines. Slow growing rootstocks and a dense pattern of 6000 vines per hectare are the basis for the high quality of the grapes.

The intensive pruning in winter down to a few branches and the reduction of the harvest in summer to an average of 1kg/ plant serve the same purpose. The carefully selected grapes are picked by hand when they are fully mature, carried in small baskets and then processed within a few hours. The finest grapes from the best areas of the vineyards are destined for the unblended wines.