Our concept is to create natural wines of high quality by reducing yields and handling the wines with great care and intense control in the cellar. Each vintage has its own individual character according to the soil and the climatic conditions during the year.

The different varieties are fermented and pressed separately. After the fermentation the wine is given a maceration period of 3 to 4 weeks to maximise colour, tannin and flavour extraction. For a part of the wine the maceration is extended up to several months The malolactic fermentation and the ageing follow over 12 to 30 months depending on the vintage and the vine variety. This occurs in partly new, partly used barrels made of French oak (225-1500L) and to some extent in small concrete barrels.

The long yeast contact in combination with the Batonnage enhances the complexity and the structure of the wine and allows us to use an absolute minimum of sulphur. Most of the red wines are bottled without clarification and unfiltered and mature for a further 8 to 12 months before being sold. For our white wine we pick the finest grapes from a 40 year old vineyard and vinificate them in the same way as the red wines.

Our wines only contain grape juice and a minimal amount of sulphur. We avoid selected yeast as well as chemical preservatives except sulphur, must concentrate, taste tainting substances of any kind and techniques that alter the composition of the wine.