The Fattoria Serra San Martino lies in the heart of Le Marche, about 20 km from the Adriatic Sea in the soft hills of the Ancona hinterland.

We have both had a passion for red wine, old country houses, Mediterranean landscapes and the Italian language for a long time. In 1997 we found in the heart of the central Italian region Le Marche the perfect place for our vineyard project: a deserted 150 year old farmhouse surrounded by 6 hectares of land.

The restoration of the house and the construction of the winery with its underground cellar offered us as architects the opportunity to design for ourselves. Located in the middle of a DOC producing area, where wine has been made since ancient times, it was an ideal position for a new vineyard. From the first moment onwards we received expert advice in the vineyard and in the cellar from our friend Dottore Agostino Pisani, agronomist and wine specialist.

Thomas and Kirsten Weydemann